How To Fix Hogwarts Legacy’s Notorious Foes Bug?

The Infamous Foes issue in Hogwarts Legacy is a completionist’s worst nightmare, and players need a patch. To finish all side quests, you might want to defeat them all. You will then be able to access the Good Samaritan trophy.

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Here are various methods to let you overcome all 12 Infamous Foes in this game, without further ado.

How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foe bug?
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How to Fix the Hogwarts Legacy's infamous foe bug?

Currently, there is no official solution to this problem. The only thing you can do to fix it is search for any notorious enemies you might have missed as you move around.

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If you are certain that you have defeated them all, you must return to their locations and kill them once more. It’s possible that a bug prevented the kill from being recorded by the game.
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You can also try to finish all side missions. It’s possible that the enemy you killed wasn’t the real thing. However, a similar one shows up during a side quest, and eliminating them counts as eliminating all infamous enemies. Of course, you also need to finish the main plot.

The Riparian Troll is the most frequently overlooked notorious enemy. It is located in the Dale Family Tomb. Devil’s Snare vines are blocking the entrance to it.

The only other option is to vote for this error on their website, which is the only other thing you can do. You can find a bug report for this problem that user edwards438 submitted on the official bug report website.

The quicker the developers should produce a patch for this defect, the higher the number of votes it receives. A large number of votes will bolster the idea that this isn’t a chance bug that only a few players are experiencing, even though this bug is already being researched.

Once a patch is released, update your game, and the error should be gone.