How to Get Sons of the Forest’s Creepy Armor?

In Sons of the Forest, are you trying to find a Creepy Armor? You have now come to the appropriate location. You will run into a number of issues while attempting to survive in the wild

One such problem you will encounter is dealing with mutants and maneaters. Both of these animals have the potential to seriously hurt your virtual character. Fortunately, there are armors that lessen the harm that incoming enemy strikes do. 

In contrast to other armor, you may find creepy armor very simple. In light of that, this is where you can get it.

Creepy Armor Location in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you must kill a Mutant in order to obtain Creepy Armor. Thankfully, you can find a Mutant in a number of places. Here is a picture that illustrates the places where a mutant can be found for your reference:

Creepy Armor Location in Sons of the Forest

I advise you to visit the place indicated on the northwest of all the locations mentioned in the above image. There isn’t a fight going on there because there is a Mutant tied to a post there. 

But you will have to struggle if you decide to go anywhere else. Also, many Mutants can be found in some of the places, so exercise caution.

Furthermore, simply move approach a Mutant’s corpse once you have slain it. To remove its skin and gain the Creepy Armor, press the “E” button at this time. The Creepy Armor is now equippable in Sons of the Forest by choosing it from the Inventory.

When the Creepy Armor is on, a pink bar will appear beneath the HP bar. That pink bar will begin to disappear as soon as you begin taking damage. 

Additionally, the number of pink bars below the HP bar will increase the more pieces of Creepy Armor you possess.