The Hogwarts Legacy’s Spinners Cave Escape Strategy

As you advance and complete particular quests in Hogwarts Legacy, a variety of Caverns, Dungeons, or Caves become available. One of these places is the Spinners Cavern or Caves, which you will come across when completing the Plight of the House Elf quest. Finding Tobbs is required for this quest, which is rather simple to complete.

However, the majority of players are having trouble locating the Caves’ exit. After defeating a Boss and discovering Tobbs, players are stranded in the Spinners Cavern with no way out. The worst part, though? Not even the Map can be used. Here’s how to escape the Spinners Cave in Hogwarts Legacy, so don’t worry.

How to Escape the Spinners Cave in the Hogwarts Legacy?

How to Escape the Spinners Cave in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The same door that you used to enter the Spinners Cave serves as your exit. However, once you’ve located Tobbs, you’ll need to take a different route. The Revelio spell can be used to locate a different path and a chest.

If you continue traveling toward your top-right, you will eventually come across both. You can then find the chest you discovered when you first entered the caves.

Jump down the hole to your right after collecting the chest. Now that we have reached the cave’s interior, turn left to leave the entranceway. Talk to Deek about Tobbs in the Room of Requirement after you exit the Spinners Cave. The Plight of the House Elf side quest is now complete, and you will receive 180 XP in exchange.

Finding a way out is a confusing task, and taking down the Acromantula won’t be simple either. For additional information, see our instructions on how to bury the spider’s head.