How To Use Overwatch 2’s Custom Game Codes

Written by zoya Aqeel

See the Overwatch 2 custom game code usage guide.

You can join custom lobbies in Overwatch 2 by entering one of the numerous custom game codes.

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These custom lobbies have different rules than the typical 5v5 games. You can join with friends to have fun or utilize them to practice the mechanics, such as movement and aim. 

Nevertheless, a lot of players questioned where to insert these codes. If you are one of them, this tutorial will assist you in completing the task.

How to Enter Custom Overwatch 2 Game Codes

How To enter Custom Game Codes In Overwatch 2

You can use these codes to test out new characters, weapons, skills, and more by playing against bots or other people. Additionally, there are several maps where you’ll learn how to dodge and counter-strafe enemy strikes.

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Your advantage in competitive battles will increase if you can master these mechanics. These codes can therefore greatly enhance your gameplay in addition to being entertaining.

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To Enter Overwatch 2’s Custom Game Codes:

  • Click Play, then select Custom Games.
  • Next to the Search Bar, select the Create option.
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  • After that, select the Settings button.
  • Click on the Import Code icon in the Summary tab of the Settings Menu’s Settings menu.
  • Enter the code into the new window by copying it.
  • Select OK.
  • After that, save the customized game by selecting Save Preset from the Summary page.
  • After entering the game’s name and choosing a category, click Save.
  • After that, return and select Start to begin the game.

Now, you can always access the saved custom game.

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There are a ton of custom codes available online, and the website has the most of them. Additionally, to assist you in sharpening your aim, we’ve compiled a list of the best aim trainer map codes.

We have finished explaining how to use custom game codes in Overwatch 2.