What the Minecraft UUID Does and Where to Find It?

Here’s how to locate your own or your friends’ UUID in Minecraft.

Sometimes, while playing multiplayer in Minecraft, you might need your friend’s UUID. Or they might need yours if your pal is the server’s host. However, you might not be familiar with it if you’re new to the game. 

Here is all you need to know about Minecraft’s UUID, including how to use it and where to find it.

What is a UUID in Minecraft?

What is a UUID in Minecraft?

The term “UUIDs” refers to the 128-bit-long numbers that the video game Minecraft uses to identify its players. Every person who purchases Minecraft must create a username. And you have the freedom to change it because of the UUID.

Because before the creation of this system, your username was the sole means of identifying you. This method had the drawback that once you created a username, you were stuck with it, and purchasing a new copy of the game would be the only way to modify it.

However, that is no longer a problem because of UUIDs. Even so, if you run a server, knowing a player’s UUID enables you to whitelist, blacklist, or ban them in addition to changing their username.

How Can I Find My or Another Person’s Minecraft UUID?

There are two ways to discover a person’s UUID in Minecraft.

  • Using the API of Minecraft
  • Utilizing a third-party service

Here is how they both operate:

Using the API of Minecraft

To check a player’s UUID, paste the following website into any browser:

  • https://api.mojang.com/users/profiles/minecraft/ Username (Enter Here)

Paste the aforementioned website and add your or a friend’s login without a space after “Minecraft/.”. So, for instance, if we wanted to look for our UUID, we would click on the website below:

  • https://api.mojang.com/users/profiles/minecraft/GamerTweak

Utilizing third-party services

You can find the UUID on several third-party websites, including NameMC, MCUUID, and others. Simply enter the player’s username for whom you want the UUID on one of the websites. You will see the search results along with their UUID.

How to Use a UUID in Minecraft

UUIDs primarily serve two purposes. As stated previously, Minecraft uses the first one to identify its users. The second is for server hosts to control or ban players.

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