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How To Modify Your Minecraft Gamertag?

Check out the instructions for changing your Minecraft gamertag and username.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to modify your Minecraft gamertag. Your in-game name or alias is your gamertag. When playing multiplayer modes, it will be visible to other players. 

There are numerous ways to modify the display name, depending on your version. You will have a username as your display in the Java version. Nevertheless, if you use the Bedrock version, you’ll have a gamertag. This manual will explain how to alter them.

How to Modify Your Minecraft Gamertag?

How to Modify Your Minecraft Gamertag?

Users of the Bedrock version will have a gamertag, as we previously announced. The Bedrock version of Xbox uses its Account System to access multiplayer. Therefore, this tag will be present even for players who use the Microsoft Store’s Minecraft Launcher.

After December 20, 2020, if you wanted to purchase Minecraft, you would need to create a Microsoft account and a gamertag. However, veteran players should follow these instructions.

Changing your Minecraft gamertag requires:

  • Access your Microsoft account by logging in, then go to the Xbox section.
  • Visit your Xbox profile next.
  • Select Customize from the menu that appears next to your character’s avatar.
  • Then, select “Change Gamertag” by clicking on the pencil icon next to your name.
  • Type in the new gamertag and select Check Availability.
  • If the tag is accessible, select “Change Gamertag” and enter your confirmation code to change it for no cost.

Launch Minecraft to see if the changes have been made once you have finished the aforementioned steps. All players who have the Bedrock edition or who have Microsoft accounts must go through this process. 

On the Java edition, you will have a username rather than a gamertag, though.

Java Edition Username Change

Change your username in the Java Edition of Minecraft by:

  • Open your Minecraft account and log in.
  • Go to My Games and select Minecraft Java Edition from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, click on Profile Name, and in the new window that appears, type your preferred username.
  • To finish the procedure, select “Change Profile Name.”

You can change the username using this method, but after you do so, you cannot change it again for 30 days. So be sure to double-check it for any errors or mistakes.