How to Find Sniffer in Snapshot and Minecraft 1.20

Are you eager to meet the new passive mob? For information on where to find Sniffer in Minecraft, see our guide.

In the expansive, open world of Minecraft, a variety of creatures, or passive mobs, arise. The sniffer, an ancient passive animal or mob, is one of these. This mob’s status as the Minecraft Mob of the Year for 2022 is intriguing. By obtaining more than 55% of the total vote, this uninterested mob defeated the Rascal and Tuff Golem. But can you capture or find this gang? 

To learn more, see our article on where to find the Sniffer in Minecraft.

Sniffer location in Minecraft

Sniffer location in Minecraft

Sniffer can’t, unfortunately, organically spawn in Minecraft’s biomes. To spawn the Sniffer mob, you must locate and hatch its ancient egg. You will need to spawn them by hatching their eggs because they are an ancient form of the mob. 

Only the suspicious sand around the desert wells and pyramids is where you can find Sniffer eggs. They will spawn the Snifflet (a younger variant), which can develop into the Sniffer once you have successfully hatched their eggs.

When it reaches sniffer size, it will dig up the various seeds and plants. You only need to gather them. Hordes of sniffing animals may also dig out the seeds for your ornamental plants. So this passive mob is a fantastic addition to the Minecraft mob library.

In Minecraft Snapshot 23W07A and Beta, How to Get Sniffer

The Sniffer is now available in the Minecraft Java edition as an experimental feature with the release of the fifth update. In Beta and Snapshot, the Sniffer or Snifter can be spawned primarily in two different ways. These are what they are:

  • Executing commands from the Creative Inventory Console

So let’s take a closer look at both of the aforementioned approaches.

The Creative Inventory is used.

To locate the Sniffer mob in Minecraft, you must enable all the 1.20 update features and content. However, you must first create a fresh Minecraft world with 1.20’s features and content. To make a new planet, adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Launch Minecraft first, then select Singleplayer from the Main Menu.
  • Select Create New World, then give it a preferred world name.
  • Switch the Game Mode setting to Creative and enable the Allow Cheats option.
  • After that, choose Experiments and activate Update 1.20.
  • When you save your modified settings, make sure you click the Done button. Additionally, select the “Create World” option.

Simply utilize the creative inventory to produce a Sniffer monster after creating a new world. As an alternative, you could spawn the Snifflet and let it develop into the Sniffer. As a result, complete these instructions to produce a Sniffer egg:

  • To activate the creative inventory, press the E button key or one of the other controls.
  • In the search box, type
  • Look for and choose the sniffer to spawn the egg.
  • Put it in your inventory after dragging it out of the creative inventory.
  • Finally, right-click on the Sniffer spawn egg to spawn it.

Terminal Commands

Using the commands in Minecraft is the simplest approach to obtaining the Sniffer. To spawn them, simply type the commands on the chat menu. The command to spawn the sniffer is as follows:

/call sniffer

Here is the command if you want to spawn the Snifflet or a younger Sniffer:

Age: 99999999, summon sniffer

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