How To Battle In Minecraft’s Elder Guardian

Here’s how to locate and vanquish the Minecraft underwater elder guardian.

The Elder Guardian is one of the numerous new enemies that have been added to Minecraft in recent releases. During your explorations, you might have even come across their ordinary forms.

You have undoubtedly come across them if you have attempted to investigate underwater temples. To defend the elders at all costs, the Guardians frequently leap, startle, and frighten you away from their residences. Nevertheless, if you follow the appropriate procedures, you can defeat the older and more challenging versions of them. 

Let’s look at how to defeat the Elder Guardian in Minecraft using these steps.

In Minecraft, How to Battle and Defeat the Elder Guardian

How to Battle and Defeat the Elder Guardian in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the Ocean Monument beneath the surface is where you can find the Elder Guardian. Every monument, has three of them. Especially at night, these ocean monuments are clearly visible from the water’s surface. 

Only in the deep oceans are the monuments able to breed. Deep oceans, deep lukewarm oceans, deep frozen oceans, and deep cold oceans all fall within this category. You’ll need to pick up a few tips and prepare for battle if you want to find and take down the Elder Guardians in Minecraft. 

Remember that you will experience mining fatigue, making it impossible for you to just run for the air. Placing torches nearby will produce air bubbles for you to breathe in, which is a decent way to get around this. 

Despite this approach, it is advised that you wear a respiration helmet and use water breathing remedies.

Navigating the Labyrinth of the Ocean Monument

Navigating the Labyrinth of the Ocean Monument

For the purpose of making it difficult for players of Minecraft to overcome them, the three Elder Guardians who spawn here are spread out throughout different areas. The first one spawns at the temple’s peak, and the other two spawn in the temple’s wings, one on each side.

As you move through its labyrinthine layout, you will have to combat ordinary Guardians. However, you can use invisibility brews to simplify this part. For less confusion, it also makes it simpler to identify the rooms you have already visited.

Taking on and Eliminating Every Elder Guardian

Eliminating Every Elder Guardian

Elder Guardians in Minecraft can be recognized by their larger size and darker color. They are challenging to kill. One of its weapons is a laser, which can be stopped by blocking the laser’s line of sight. 

It also has spikes on its body to shield it from being hit by a melee weapon. To defeat the Elder Guardians, you will therefore require a bow and a trident. Make sure your trident has the impaling charm and your bow has the power charm. 

The combat will become a lot simpler and quicker as a result. While you are battling the Elder Guardian, watch out for other normal guardians that may emerge. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to escape, you can also use milk to relieve your mining fatigue. 

Make your way around the building using this information, then eliminate all three Elder Guardians. Both the normal guardians and the three elder guardians will not respawn once they have all been vanquished. 

You are now free to explore and plunder the Ocean Monument as you choose. Don’t forget to steal the gold bars from its vault in addition to mining the priceless prismarine bricks.

You now know everything you need to know about taking down the Elder Guardian in Minecraft. 

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