Best Build for the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6: How to Get the Eagle

Want a sidearm with a quick trigger? To obtain the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6, continue reading this article.

Would you like a cannon that can destroy anything that moves? The Desert Eagle is for you, my friend. Any enemy in your way will be silenced by this beastly sidearm. Launching grenades? rocket propelled? Who needs them when you can create a fireworks display in Far Cry 6 using the Desert Eagle? 

I’ll demonstrate how to obtain the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6 today.

In Far Cry 6, how do I obtain the Desert Eagle?

In Far Cry 6, how do I obtain the Desert Eagle?

The Side-Quest The Last One to Leave grants access to the unlockable weapon, the Desert Eagle. You must turn on three switches scattered over the environment to complete this objective. 

The mission is situated on Esperanza’s northwestern shore, the Yara nation’s capital. You are not required to fight or kill adversaries because this is a side quest.

You must read a note that is in an orange case first. Its location will be indicated by a purple diamond. There will be three wires traveling in different directions in the building where you are. 

The first one is in a blue house near the water, and Libertad is spray-painted close to the door. There will be an entrance as you enter the house where you must stoop to enter. You can find the switch by continuing down the hallway; flip it on. 

The following one is perched on a tower that has a water tank on it. On the side of it, a blue cloth is hanging. You can reach it by scaling the rooftops of the neighboring structures. In Far Cry 6, the third-to-last item can be challenging to obtain.

Completing the Last One to Leave Quest’s Secret Room Quest

Completing the Last One to Leave Quest's Secret Room Quest

The third switch is in a house with a mint exterior. You need to locate a radio in the home and turn it on. The TV must next be located in the same home and turned on as well; squatting close to it will make this task easier. 

Finally, you need to locate a photograph of a beachfront house. You must turn this in; it will be hung on a wall in the same space. The last switch is in that chamber, and completing these chores in this order will reveal a hidden entrance.

You will need to return to the building where you obtained the note after turning on the three switches. The door will be unlocked, and inside, you’ll discover a red chest. You can steal it to get the fabled Desert Eagle.

The Desert Eagle’s ideal construction

Although the Desert Eagle is a fantastic rifle in and of itself, mod accessories can harm it. The greatest Desert Eagle builds for Far Cry 6 are listed here.

  • Armor-piercing rounds in the ammunition pouch

This will greatly strengthen your Desert Eagle. With this build, enemies will vanish like a cloud of smoke.

Finding the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 6 was the main goal here. I hope this was helpful in getting this pistol. 

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