The Character Mod For Getting Voldemort In Hogwarts Legacy

In terms of modification, Hogwarts Legacy is not an outlier when it comes to altering the player’s main character. Voldemort, the Dark Lord, can be controlled by gamers according to a recently released mod.

Even if the game’s timeframe is different, you can now play as Mouldy Voldy in it. The Voldemort head that may be selected during character creation is added by this character mod. But how do I download and install this mod?

Check out our detailed instructions on how to obtain the Voldemort Mod in Hogwarts Legacy to ease your concerns.

Voldemort Mod in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get It?

Voldemort Mod in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get It?

Go to the NexusMods website (link) to download the Voldemort Mod. Extract the downloaded mod files into the Paks folder when they have been downloaded. As an alternative, you can install modules directly using a third-party mod manager.

Therefore, the following is how to install and obtain Voldemort in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • First, download the Voldemort mod from the aforementioned NexusMods website.
  • Go to the Hogwarts Legacy file directory after downloading the mod files.
    In Phoneix > Content > Paks > Mods, paste the downloaded Mod files or folder.
  • Launch Hogwarts Legacy at this time, and make a new character.
  • To obtain Voldemort, choose the first Skin color and Face shape option.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to make a new character to play Voldemort. However, you can download this mod for that at this link. By downloading the optional mod files from that page, you can also make Voldemort’s Red eyes glow or add Red eyes to them.

He wasn’t created with hairstyles in mind, as the developers have indicated. So, save for not wearing any glasses or specs, we advise making the Dark Lord’s appearance appropriate for a fifth-year student.

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