How to Find the Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft?

Here’s where to look in Minecraft to find the Cherry Blossom Grove Biome.

A new Cherry Grove biome has been added to Minecraft as of the most recent 1.20 version. As enjoyable as it is to see pink petals unfolding in real life, the sandbox recreation won’t let you down. So where exactly might you discover this ecosystem covered in cherry blossoms? 

Here’s how to locate this region, as there isn’t a tutorial that describes how to do it.

The location of the cherry blossoms in Minecraft

location of the cherry blossoms in Minecraft

To locate the Cherry Blossom Grove biome, follow these steps:


The most straightforward approach to investigation might be used if you have a lot of free time. In Minecraft, you can roam the globe between various biomes in search of Cherry Blossom Grove. 

Make sure your graphic settings are configured correctly, though. Just make sure that even the most remote places or biomes render rapidly. This is because a mountain with pink trees may be seen from a distance.

Location Orders

Fortunately, in a cheat-enabled environment, we can use the commands to determine a biome’s coordinates. For those who don’t know, the chat box allows you to type commands. Use the command /location biome cherry_grove in the chat box to identify the closest Cherry Grove in Minecraft. 

The location of the closest Cherry Grove region will subsequently be made known to you. After that, move in that direction to finally arrive at Cherry Blossom Grove in Minecraft.

In addition to bees, rabbits, sheep, pigs, etc., two new mobs are making their appearance. 

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