How To Crack The Treasure Hunt Code For Far Cry 6’s Rising Tide Puzzle?

Looking for the A Rising Tide puzzle’s door switch code order in FC6? This manual will assist you with it.

It’s fun to hide valuables in puzzles that ask you to figure out which switches or levers go where. This puzzle is part of a prize in Far Cry 6 that needs to be solved. A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt is the crossword. To unlock the Camo Quinceanera, Dani must press the door switches in the proper sequence. 

Let’s examine the proper switch placement in Far Cry 6’s “A Rising Tide Puzzle” and how to solve it in this guide.

How to Crack the Far Cry 6 Door Code for the Rising Tide Puzzle?

How to Crack the Far Cry 6 Door Code for the Rising Tide Puzzle?

The correct door switch placement is:

  1. Tigre del Mar, El
  1. El Lucky 
  1. Clarita 
  1. Roja Victoria
  1. Papi Chulo

The positions of each boat are as follows:

  • El Tigre Del Mar: The first puzzle is near the boat. It is located right outside the puzzle’s site.
  • Papi Chulo: Inside the boat, there is a sign that reads, “Not equal to 5.” This boat can be located in the waters southwest of the puzzle site.
  • El Lucky: The boat is turned on its side and has the number 3 next to it. It is located on the roof of a turquoise house.
  • Clarita: This boat is likewise upside down, and a number four sign can be seen within its shed. You can quickly identify this yacht once you spot it because of its distinctive khaki color.
  • Roja Victoria: This boat can be found underwater if you turn south from the puzzle site. You can notice a sign that reads “greater than 3” underneath the boat. Sharks can be found in this area, so keep that in mind. So use caution when looking for the sign on the boat.

That concludes the FC6 version of the A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Guide.

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