How to locate and win Blazes in Minecraft

You must first locate Blazes to destroy them in Minecraft. In particular, the Nether fortress where blazes spawn.

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Keeping a safe distance and hitting them from a distance would be the greatest strategy for defeating them.

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You can make use of a trident, crossbow, or even a bow. Placing. obstacles in the road makes it simple to simply block yourself off from blazes and their strikes. Carry a shield as well, as doing so makes it simple to defend against ranged

Snowballs are a simple yet unusual way to damage Blazes.

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They can take a lot of damage from snowballs; thus, you only need 7 to take down a Blaze. After eliminating the blazes, you can eliminate the spawner but you can also let more to spawn so you can gather resources. If you have absolute confidence that you will survive, only do this.
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That is all there is to know about overcoming Blazes in Minecraft.

Enjoy Minecraft!!!