How To Play Minecraft on Two-Screens on any device such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, & PC.

Before we go forward with How can we play split screen we would like to share a note that your monitor or television must have an output of at least 720p in order to play Minecraft

Split Screen in PS4 and PS5

Setting up Splitscreen on the PlayStation is simpler.

  • Step 1: Start the game normally to achieve this, then attach a different control to the console and a prompt will appear on the screen.
  • Step 2:Your friend will then need to sign in using a legitimate PlayStation account.
  • Step 3:They can also play as a guest if they don’t have an account. Once finished, the screen will be split in half so you and your companion can play the game together. Splitscreen is playable by up to 4 people simultaneously.

Split-Screen Option in Xbox

Like the PlayStation, the Xbox requires the same steps to play Minecraft
Splitscreen. After the game has begun, all you need to do is connect one extra
Xbox controller. Press the prompt button once again to enable your friend to join the
party. Minecraft Splitscreen is playable on Xbox with 4 additional players, same like
on the PS.

Split-Screen option in Nintendo Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, each player needs their own Joy-Con controller to enjoy
split-screen play. Before connecting the Joy-Con controller, begin by loading your
Minecraft world. To join the adventure on the split-screen, click the prompt button on
the screen. On the Nintendo Switch, split-screen Minecraft is only available for a
maximum of three people.

Split-Screen option in PC

Minecraft’s split-screen mode is only accessible on consoles, not on computers.
To play split-screen, you can use mods/tools like Nucleus Co-op or Forge.
However, we in no way advocate modifying, so use this at your

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