By completing the Break the Chains mission in Far Cry 6, you can obtain the Mogote Zebra.

Are you sick of driving around in Far Cry 6? After that, read this manual to ride the Mogote Zebra.

There are several different animals in Far Cry 6 that range from adorable and cute to downright dangerous. Like our friends the horse and the horsehorse, these creatures are quite helpful. 

In Far Cry 6, horses make it quite easy for us to travel throughout the landscape. The Mogote Zebra is one such mammal. In Far Cry 6, you can ride this equidae. Through tasks, you can unlock the zebra, and no, it’s not a horse with paint on it; it really is a zebra. 

I’ll explain how to obtain the Mogote Zebra in Far Cry 6 in this article.

In Far Cry 6, how do I obtain Mogote Zebra?

In Far Cry 6, how do I obtain Mogote Zebra?

You can unlock Mogote Zebra as a stallion by finishing the Break the Chains task. You must see Talia Benevidez at Diamante Lakes in Balaceras to start the mission. The mission will begin after speaking with her. 

The detainees kept hostage by the FND must be released. By doing takedowns, you must be incredibly cunning so as to avoid being seen. Having Oluso will be very helpful for this endeavor. 

Break cameras, alarm systems, prison locks, and other security measures as you sneak into the compound to release all the prisoners you can discover.

How do I complete the quest in Break the Chains?

How do I complete the quest in Break the Chains?

When we complete the Break the Chains quest in Far Cry 6, we are rewarded with the Mogote Zebra. Use your camera to tag adversaries so you can move around the facility more easily. 

The guards will shoot the inmates as you are releasing them and kill them using silencers. You must download the security camera footage after the inmates are released. The security room must be visited, but it is locked. 

Kill the guard who has the key if you want to get the keys. Go to the location marked on the map, where a computer will be located on a table in the space. Begin the downloading procedure. 

There will be a crate with a shotgun next to the PC. If enemy soldiers barge into the room, use it. You must next meet Talia at Antón’s Statue, which is located close to the building’s main entrance, after the download is finished. 

After the cut sequence, the mission will be completed once you arrive. In Far Cry 6, you can now call and mount the Mogote Zebra when you visit one of your bases. Obtaining the Mogote Zebra and breaking the chains in Far Cry 6 were the main goals here. 

I hope this information has assisted you in obtaining this dependable seed. 

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