Phantoms in Minecraft: How to Deal with Them

To learn everything there is to know about the Minecraft Phantoms, check out this wiki.

Phantom is one of several hostile mobs in the game Minecraft. Hostile mobs assault the player when they come into their line of sight, for those who don’t know. Sadly, the Phantom is an undead hostile mob rather than an ordinary hostile mob. 

So, what you are seeing is a flying monster rather than a typical bird. Therefore, you must be familiar with every single aspect of this creature. As a result, read this tutorial to learn everything you need to know about the Phantom, including how to spawn it and fight it.

What is Minecraft Is a Phantom?

What is Minecraft Is a Phantom

Phantoms are flying undead mobs that, as was already noted, attack the player as soon as they are spotted. It is also among the Overworld’s swiftest enemies. In Minecraft, a Phantom typically flies 15 to 25 blocks horizontally and in a circular motion away from a player. You may tell it’s a phantom by observing behavior like:

  • When it is flying, it leaves a trail of gray smoke.
  • The target (you) will be attacked once every 10 to 20 seconds.

When Can a Phantom Spawn?

A phantom in Minecraft only appears at night when a player goes three days without taking a break. Technically, they spawn when the ‘Time Since Last Rest’ reaches at least 72,000 ticks, or 1 hour in real life or 3 days in-game.

For the unaware, Minecraft always operates at a rate of 20 ticks per second. Consequently, 24,000 ticks in 20 minutes and 72,000 ticks in 60 minutes have occurred.

How Do You Take Down a Phantom in Minecraft?

A phantom can take melee damage from you. It’s important to remember that while this monster is healed by potions with harmful effects, it is damaged by potions with healing effects. They are also resistant to the effects of poison. 

The Phantom in Minecraft can take a lot of damage from any blade or axe with a Smite enchantment. You could also immediately turn in for a nap to stop the game’s day from restarting and the Phantom from getting sunburned.

A phantom that is killed will drop Phantom Membrane as treasure, which may then be utilized to make potions.

Minecraft: How to Tame Phantoms

Fortunately, users can tame and ride the Phantom in Minecraft thanks to an add-on called Phantom Plus. Additionally, one can use a Phantom Spawn Egg while in Creative Mode. 

After that, you can finally tame and ride the Phantom by performing a right-click as soon as it spawns. A player can alter the direction of this mob while riding it. A Phantom, however, cannot be made to take off or land.

Ways to Handle Phantom Spawn

However, there are a few ways to handle them.

  • Sleep in a bed. The easiest way to prevent phantoms from spawning is to simply sleep in a bed. This will reset the in-game sleep timer, preventing phantoms from spawning until three more days have passed.
  • Keep moving: Since phantoms fly towards the player, it can be helpful to keep moving around to avoid them. They can be particularly dangerous when the player is standing still or trying to mine blocks.
  • Use a shield to block phantom attacks, which can aid in defending the player from them. It’s important to time the shield block correctly, as phantoms move quickly and can attack from different angles.
  • Use ranged weapons: If the player has a bow and arrow, they can use it to attack phantoms from a distance. This can be a good way to deal with them without putting the player in too much danger.
  • Use a sword: If the player doesn’t have a ranged weapon, they can use a sword to attack phantoms. It’s important to time the attacks correctly, as phantoms move quickly and can dodge attacks.

Overall, phantoms can be a challenging mob to deal with, but with a little bit of strategy, players can avoid or defeat them without too much trouble.