How To Unlock COD MW2 Ranked Play Skins?

Season 2 has so far been kind to every COD participant.

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With the addition of Ranked Play, players may now showcase their prowess in a lobby that is considerably more competitive.

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Fortunately, completing specific tasks in Ranked Play awards players with Skins, Emblems, and other items. You would undoubtedly want to claim these perks as a COD player, especially the Skins.

Check out this tutorial for instructions on how to acquire Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play Skins.

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How to Unlock COD MW2 Ranked Play Skins?

There are now a total of 8 Skins available for unlocking in Ranked Play matches.

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While two of them are Rank Rewards, the other two are unlocked as rewards for progressing in Skill Division. Consequently, through COD Modern Warfare 2 ranked play, you can acquire the following Skins:

Rank Skins for Ranked Play

Finish Season 2 as a Gold Competitor in the Skill Division.

Finish Season 2 as a Gold Competitor in the Skill Division.

For those who don’t know, the results of each match you play affect how far you advance in the Skill Division.

Skill Ratings are gained when you win and lost when you lose.

Furthermore, COD Modern Warfare 2 features a total of 8 Skill Divisions. For the skill division to continue to grow, acquiring skill ratings is important.

The Ranks you attained remain constant over the course of the Season, unlike the Skill Division, which changes.

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It begins at Rank 1 and continues all the way up to Rank 50.

You receive a star for each victory in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play. Your Ranks will rise as you collect stars. You will receive a symbol that matches the color of your Skill Division after every five ranks between Ranks 1 and 50.