Ravagers in Minecraft: How to Create and Kill Them

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You’ve met Ravagers if you’ve seen a Minecraft mob that resembles an enraged bull. The 1.14 update brought this sizable hostile mob into the game. Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t yet encountered this beast. Due to their powerful strikes, they represent a significant threat. 

We’ll explain how to cope with them in this guide.

What do Ravagers in Minecraft look like?

What do Ravagers in Minecraft look like?

In Minecraft, villagers ride on top of an enormous hostile mob called Ravagers during a raid. It has a substantial health bar with 50 hearts on it. The Ravager will charge at you if you are within a 32-block radius and won’t stop until you are destroyed. They are hostile not only to players but also to villagers, iron golems, and traders.

Creating Ravagers

The Ravagers spawn in the third wave of a village raid. You need to kill an island captain to start the incursion. Once you do that, you will gain the “Bad Omen” status effect. Now, all you have to do is enter a village and survive until the third wave.

The Best Way to Handle Ravagers in Minecraft

As we already mentioned, ravens are powerful, tanky enemies. Their speed is unaffected by their size, though. They will catch up to you if you try to run. The way ravagers assault their adversaries is by ramming them. Based on the difficulty level, they do damage as follows:

  • Simple: 3.5 hearts 
  • Standard: 6 hearts
  • Difficult: 9 hearts

In Minecraft, you’ll need a shield and sturdy armor to defeat ravagers. Utilize the shield to deflect its attack after learning its attack pattern. The Ravager could be stunned for 2 seconds if you execute the move precisely. You will then have a chance to either assault the Ravager or flee. 

Be careful not to overreact when assaulting. After regaining health, the avenger unleashes a roaring assault that causes the player to lose three hearts and fall backward. You might also attempt to kill this monster with long-range weapons. 

You will receive a saddle and 20 EXP orbs whenever you defeat a Ravager.