Best Talents in the Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List

This tier list was created specifically with your interest in mind if you want to know which skills in Hogwarts Legacy are the greatest. There are a ton of different talents available in this game. Let’s say you enjoy fighting your adversaries. Then you’ll adore the talents in spells and dark arts.

The Stealth skills, on the other hand, will work best for you if your preferred method of combat involves sneaking into enemy camps and eliminating them before they know it. We shall order all of the Talents in this Tier List from greatest to worst.

Tier List for the Hogwarts Legacy Talents

The five talent categories in Hogwarts Legacy are Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and the Room of Requirement. We will rank every skill in each category so you may choose the greatest ones.

Spells Talents

Talents Tiers
Incendio MasteryS Tier
Bombarda MasteryS Tier
Transformation MasteryS Tier
Confringo MasteryA Tier
Depulso MasteryA Tier
Diffindo MasteryA Tier
Descendo MasteryB Tier
Glacius MasteryB Tier
Levioso MasteryC Tier
Accio MasteryC Tier

Dark Arts Talents

Avada Kedavra MasteryS Tier
Curse SapperS Tier
Imperio MasteryS Tier
Blood CurseA Tier
Disarming CurseA Tier
Crucio MasteryA Tier
Stunning CurseB Tier
Enduring CurseB Tier
Knockback CurseB Tier
Slowing CurseC Tier

Core Talents Tier List

SwiftS Tier
Stupefy MasteryS Tier
Protego MasteryS Tier
Wiggenweld Potency 2A Tier
Spell Knowledge 3A Tier
Basic Cast MasteryB Tier
Evasion AbsorptionC Tier
Revelio MasteryC Tier

Stealth Talents

Human DemiguiseS Tier
Petrificus Totalus MasteryA Tier
Sense of Secrecy 2C Tier
Sense of Secrecy 1C Tier

Room of Requirement Talents

Focus Potion PotencyS Tier
NoxiousS Tier
Thunderbrew PotencyS Tier
Invisibility Potion PotencyA Tier
FertiliserA Tier
Edurus Potion PotencyB Tier
Maxima Potion PotencyC Tier
HeadacheC Tier

Top Performers in the Hogwarts Legacy

You must be aware of my preference for dueling adversaries given my selection of S Tier talents. The top talents in Hogwarts Legacy, in my opinion, are:

Avada Incendio Mastery Our list of Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tiers is completed with Kedavra Mastery Swift Human Demiguise Focus Potion Potency.