Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Manila Clams [ACNH]

Find out where to buy Manila clams in ACNH and how to use them.

Animal Crossing’s Manila Clams Fish bait can mostly be made with New Horizons. But if you go swimming, you won’t see them in the water. So, how do you locate them? 

This article will show you where to find Manila clams in ACNH.

How Can I Purchase Manila Clams in ACNH?

How Can I Purchase Manila Clams in ACNH?
  • You must go to your island’s beach region if you want Manila clams.
  • Look for small bursts of water emerging from the sand with your shovel in hand. They will continue to periodically spout water.
  • You may easily find these clams by digging in the small holes in the sand where you will find them.

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Animal Crossing: How to Use Manila Clams

  • Fish bait can be made with manila clams. Fortunately, you just need to bring one clam to your DIY workbench to create the bait; you don’t need any other supplies.
  • Once created, the fish bait can be thrown into any body of water, where it will instantly spawn a fish.
  • Then prepare your fishing equipment and begin casting. You can capture a new fish using this technique, or you can get a fish you already have. If so, you have the option of selling it or giving it away.
  • You must meet Blathers the Owl at the museum in order to donate it. You can also sell it by going to the Nook’s Cranny and speaking with Tummy or Tummy there.

That is all there is to know about obtaining Manila clams in ACNH. To make fishing easier, you can gather a lot of them and create a lot of fish bait. 

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