How to Find Class Engraving Books in Lost Ark?

See our advice on where to find the Lost Ark Class Engraving booklets for more information.

Several new classes have been added to Lost Ark with the most recent update. As a result, a number of community members are searching for the various Class Engravings books. When a player reaches the endgame, these are some of the most sought-after items.

But where can I find these things? Not to fear, we’ve got instructions on how to obtain Lost Ark’s Class Engraving books here.

Class Engraving Books in Lost Ark: How to Get Them

Class Engraving Books in Lost Ark: How to Get Them

The class engraving booklets are available in a variety of ways. To obtain them as a reward, accomplish the roster missions, world quests, and storyline quests. There are several alternative ways to obtain them in addition to the various tasks.

Here are all the ways to obtain the Lost Ark Class Engraving books:

  • the Chaos Dungeons’ completion.
  • finishing the raids against the guardians.
  • by means of Island Merchants.
  • purchasing it at the event stores.
  • finished the Cube Dungeons.
  • completing many side quests on the island.
  • Abyssal Caves
  • Purchasing it at the Market
  • Dungeon of Chaos Vendors of the Shard Exchange
  • The Shadespire and Fatespire Towers are being finished.

We advise finishing the Abyssal and Cube dungeons if you’re going for the Legendary (orange) and Epic (purple) class engraving books. These books are also available as a prize for completing the secret dungeons on the Chaos Gate maps. 

These engraved books come in varying degrees of rarity. You also need class engraver pouches, as follows:

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