Dark Ark How To Clear The Chaos Dungeon (Daily Farming Guide)

The following information will help you defeat a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark.

When it comes to farming endgame goods in Lost Ark, the Chaos Dungeon is one of the most crucial game mechanics. By completing Ealyn’s request and leveling up to 50, you can unlock it. It may be simple to unlock, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. 

So let’s quickly go over some tips for beating the chaos dungeon in Lost Ark in this guide.

Getting Through the Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

Getting Through the Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark

By eliminating the hordes of foes in the many zones, you may defeat Chaos Dungeons. Before the timer expires, you want to fill up the purification meter. One of the greatest methods to hasten this process is to use AoE assaults. 

A doorway that leads to the next zone will appear once you have completed the current one.

One of the finest places to get endgame goods in Lost Ark is in Chaos Dungeons. 

In a Chaos Dungeon, you will often discover the following:

A Chaos Dungeon has three zones with increasingly harder difficulty levels.

  1. First zone: This area is home to swarms of undemanding small opponents.
  1. The second zone is when things start to get a little more difficult because there are now mini-bosses as well as foes on the level of minions. You must thus defeat the mini-bosses in addition to the adversaries.
  1. The key distinction between the third zone and the other two is that in this one, the mini-bosses are only accessible by cracking open the crystal rift cores. The remainder of the trick remains unchanged. Before the timer expires, continue taking out enemies.

You can defeat the Chaos Dungeon after all of the zones have been eliminated.

Chaos Dungeon Advice

Here are some general pointers to help you complete the chaos dungeons more quickly and information on their rewards:

  • Spam AoE attacks: AoE attacks may be used often since they enable you to deliver damage to several foes at once. Therefore, the more enemies you kill, the faster you can clear the zone. When a group of foes is pursuing you, you may use this tactic in combination by racing about and unleashing an AoE attack to hit as many of them as you can.
  • Try going after the mini-bosses first. Mini-bosses must be eliminated first since they can provide you with various forms of bonuses. All of these will be useful in battling these foes. They may include increased attack power, quicker movement, and other things.
  • Use light blue orbs. Use light blue orbs. Light blue orbs are spread across the three zones of the map. Try avoiding them whenever you see one, because doing so will offer you a slight speed boost. While you wait for your ability’s cooldown to end, you will be able to better evade your enemies thanks to this.
  • Do it twice daily. You can exit a chaotic dungeon as many times as you desire. Do it twice every day. You’ll receive the biggest benefits if you clear it the first two times each day. If you challenge it after the first two times, you will still receive prizes, but they will be much less than previously. This is due to the fact that you must spend 50Aurasa of Resonane, out of a daily cap of 10, in order to receive the maximum benefits.
  • Exchange your shards and crystals: Swap your shards and crystals: Acquiring perception shards and disorder crystals is the main objective of defeating Chaos Dungeons. Any vendor in the Chaos Dungeon will exchange them for you. The cash you earn from higher tier dungeons will also enable you to swap them for better prizes.

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