Crocodile Locations in Far Cry 6: Every Hunting Spot (Tips and Tricks)

You can find out how to find, kill, and use crocodiles in Far Cry 6 in this guide.

In the video game Far Cry 6, players can hunt for crocodiles and crocodile meat in particular areas near Yara. Before killing these reptiles for their meat, you must approach them with caution.

In this guide, we’ll describe where to go crocodile hunting, how to kill crocodiles, and how to harvest their meat.

All Yaran Locations in Far Cry 6: Where to Find Crocodiles

All Yaran Locations in Far Cry 6: Where to Find Crocodiles

The Cortina River, Fernando Valley, and Sabiduria Valley are the three areas where Yaran hunters go to find crocodiles. Crocodiles can be found in these places, primarily hiding out in the woods and swampy areas.

Crocodile Hunting Locations in Yaran, FC6

In Far Cry 6, there are three official crocodile hunting locations, each of which is listed below.

The River Cortina

Some crocodiles can be seen in the Cortina River, where they frequently sunbathe in the afternoons. According to the game’s instructions, there are many crocodiles that appear towards the river’s western end. This location is ideal if you’re just starting out with predator hunting. The crocodiles in this area are rather simple to kill and obtain flesh from.

The Valley of the Sun

A Yaran crocodile hunting location may be found in the Fernando Valley. The best place in the game to find crocodiles is probably here. However, keep an eye on the area rating since, as you advance, so will the difficulties in a particular location.

The Valley of Sabiduria

Another place to look for Yaran crocodiles is the Sabiduria Valley in Noventarmas. If you’re still early in the game, you might want to avoid this region because there are a lot of hostiles around. But after you clean up the environment, you can use this lovely hunting location to pursue crocodiles and obtain their meat.

Far Cry 6: Crocodile Hunting Tips and Tricks

Crocodile Hunting

Keep in mind that you need Yaran crocodile meat and not animal meat that has been harmed. As a result, you should kill the crocodile with a knife or a bow rather than a gun because the meat will be damaged. Additionally, you can test out a single headshot, which shouldn’t harm the meat. 

Here is some additional advice on crocodile hunting in Far Cry 6.

          Crocodile meat is a user of Far Cry 6

          Crocodile meat may be exchanged for recycled fasteners at Juan Cortez’s dealers and then used in workbenches in Far Cry 6, in addition to being used in the process to make Chorizo an amigo and obtain the Mysterious Key.

          For finding, pursuing, and employing crocodiles in Far Cry 6, that is all there is to it. We sincerely hope you find this tutorial useful. Consider using fast travel or the wingsuit to go to these Yaran spots or other locations quickly if you feel the crocodile locations are too far away.

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