Hanzo skin for Cupid in Overwatch 2’s dating simulator and rewards

Here is everything you need to know about the new dating sim, Overwatch, and the Valentine’s Special Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2.

Thanks to the Cupid Hanzo cosmetic, love is in the air. Blizzard is prepared for a unique Valentine’s Day celebration, just like every year. We now have a new version of Overwatch – Online Dating Simulator in addition to event-specific skins. 

In light of this, gamers should expect a fun Valentine’s Day this year. In Overwatch 2, there is a Cupid Hanzo skin to obtain in addition to other delightful Overwatch goodies. Here is all the information you require.

How do I get the Overwatch 2 Cupid Hanzo skin?

How to Get the Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2?

The Cupid Hanzo Skin can only currently be obtained by purchasing it. Unfortunately, buying this skin from the in-game shop will cost you 1500 Overwatch Coins. 

How to Use the Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch?

By visiting the Loverwatch.gg website, you can play Blizzard’s most recent online dating simulation game. You must sign in using your Overwatch 2 account to engage in the text-based conversation with your wingman, Cupid Hanzo.

Playing Loverwatch

Overwatch Dating Sim

Depending on your preference, you can choose to court Genji or Mercy while playing Overwatch. You won’t have any trouble choosing the right dialogue options for faster growth with Hanzo’s frequent help.

Remember to choose pleasant and affectionate conversations if you decide to date Mercy. Make sure to take all reasonable precautions to avoid offending her. Conversely, while you’re dating Genji, choose conversations that reassure him. 

This is due to Genji’s frequent self-questioning, which makes a support system helpful at all times.

How Can I Get Loverwatch’s Secret Ending?

how to play loverwatch

Once you date both Genji and Mercy in Loverwatch, the Secret Ending will become available. Start a new game after finishing both runs to ultimately unlock it. 

Hanzo is revealed to have been your soul mate in the Loverwatch secret ending. Here’s where you two earn each other’s trust and reap some seriously remarkable benefits.

How to Redeem All Loverwatch Rewards in OW2?

Here are all the rewards you may get while playing Loverwatch in Overwatch 2:

  • Genji’s Peace Title (Reward: Date Genji)
  • Title of Mercy’s Angel (Date Mercy to receive this award)
  • Character Specials: Valentine’s Day
  • (Unlocked after completing the game’s secret ending with Cupid Hanzo) Cupid’s Arrow Intro + Title
  • (Available to equip in OW2 after the Secret Ending) Cupid’s Kiss Highlight Intro
  • Go to the awards menu item in Menu after receiving the awards. Click the Redeem button to get what you’ve earned after that. Within 48 hours, the awards will be transferred to Overwatch 2.

Thankfully, this concludes the discussion about Overwatch 2’s Cupid Hanzo Skin and Loverwatch Rewards.