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Ubisoft Connect Low VRAM Notification Error Fix for Far Cry 6

Here’s how to remove the Far Cry 6 screen spam caused by Ubisoft Connect low VRAM notice messages. Far Cry 6 is an entertaining game that adheres to the formula you would expect from the franchise while also stepping up the visuals. However, some users are regrettably encountering issues like the Ubisoft Connect bug of low VRAM in Far Cry 6.  Is there a solution? To get rid of it, try the below-listed solutions.

How to Fix the Ubisoft Connect Low VRAM Notification Error in Far Cry 6?

How to Fix the Ubisoft Connect Low VRAM Notification Error in Far Cry 6?
This error warning appears in the top right corner of the screen when you start the game via Ubisoft Connect, and it stays there. A low quantity of available VRAM is the message. Game stability and performance may be impacted by this. You might try lowering the game’s quality settings. The VRAM notification spam error or bug can be fixed as shown here.

Fix 1: 

Reduce your graphics settings as the message advises, and check to see whether the issue disappears.

Fix 2:

            3rd fix: 

                          These were the remedies that would be effective if you were experiencing the “Low Amount of VRAM Available” Far Cry 6 Ubisoft Connect Bug. Surprisingly, players with systems that meet the minimum requirements or above are also experiencing this problem.  So perhaps you can eliminate it and carry on playing.

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