Where Can I Find the Lost Ark: The Final Report Quest Guide?

Here is a guide for the Lost Ark quest known as the “Final Report.

Gamers are really into Lost Ark, one of the top current top-down fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing games on Steam. Within 24 hours after its release, it was the second-most-played game. 

While the game mechanics are comparable to those of many MMORPGs, it also has a compelling story and challenging missions that will keep players interested and entertained. The challenges will increase in difficulty as you accomplish more quests to advance to the endgame. You will encounter the mission “The Final Report” when finishing one of the main questlines. 

We’ll explain how to finish the Final Report quest in Lost Ark in this guide.

Where Can I Find the Lost Ark Final Report?

Where Can I Find the Lost Ark Final Report?

After finishing the dungeon Ark of Arrogance, you can obtain the Final Report in Yorn’s Hall of Promise. It is the last quest in Yorn’s primary quest path. Follow the task marker and return to the Great Castle at Vern to complete the Final Report quest in Lost Ark.

How to Finish Your Final Report?

You must initially have an item level of 600 or above in order to finish the final Report task. You will be able to access this quest once you have finished the Ark of Arrogance. Here is how to finish the quest in Lost Ark called Final Report:

  • You must return to the Great Castle at Vern once the dungeon is finished.
  • As stated in the quest tracker, you must then report to Kaysarr. You can locate him by going to the King’s Road area of the Great Castle.
  • After speaking with him, you must also speak with Balthorr. After that, a pop-up message indicating that the quest is finished and that you have earned all of its prizes will appear.

The quest for the Final Report in Lost Ark ends there. 

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