How to Get the Cute Lost Ark Emote?

To learn how to unlock the Cute Emote in Lost Ark, consult this tutorial.

Are you trying to get Lost Ark’s cute emote unlocked? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the correct place. In this game, using emotes is a fantastic way to convey your present feelings through animations. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of emotes accessible for practically every circumstance. Emotes are used for more than just emotional expression; they can also be used to complete quests and raise rapport levels. 

In light of that, here’s how you can obtain the Cute Emote.

How to Get Lost Ark’s Cute Emote?

How to Get Lost Ark's Cute Emote?

Although some emotes are available right away, you must grind to unlock the rest. When we refer to grinding, we may imply doing missions or buying it from vendors. In the case of the Cute Emote, Yurei, a vendor on Peyto Island, is where you can get it.

Interact with Yurei once you have arrived at the deck on Peyto Island. Additionally, in the Shop Menu, select the Buy section and then select the Luxury Goods tab. From there, you can buy the cute emote in Lost Ark for 5000 silver.

When you have the Cute Emote, you can use it by going to the Game Menu’s Emotes section. Additionally, you can activate this emote by entering the chat box’s /cut command. For those who don’t know, the “We will be together” rapport quest requires the Cute Emote to be completed. While the player is in the Whispering Islet region, Nineveh assigns this quest.

The cute emote in Lost Ark can now be obtained in the manner described above. 

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