How To Do The Hanged Man GPS Quest In Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of the Forest’s Hanged Man GPS quest is a strange one and takes some time to finish. Even if you follow the location on the map, you probably won’t find anything. Additionally, looking around won’t be very helpful. 

However, if you look up at the mountain, you’ll see the body and the source of the signal. But unlike many other games, you can’t exactly use ledges to climb a mountain here. 

So, here’s how to finish the Hanged Man quest in Sons of the Forest and obtain his GPS coordinates.

Sons of the Forest GPS Guide for the Hanged Man Quest

Sons of the Forest GPS Guide for the Hanged Man Quest

To finish this task, you must ascend the mountain, free the hanging man, and retrieve the GPS. While the objective is essentially to retrieve the GPS Tracker from the body, it doesn’t seem like much of a quest. What you need to do is as follows:

  • To find the Hanged man, navigate to the purple GPS position on the map.
  • You can find a body hanging on the cliff’s edge if you descend.
  • Turn right when you face it and take the trail up the mountain.
  • You can find a rope fastened to a boulder by going to the cliff. A rope, a vodka bottle, and energy bars are also available here.
  • Cut the rope free while holding the tactical or fire axe.
  • The body will come to rest.
  • Retrace your steps to where you came from. A sled won’t be very useful because there doesn’t appear to be a slope that leads right down here.
  • Once you arrive, you can finish the quest by removing the GPS tracker from the body. On the body, there is yet another bottle of vodka.

That concludes this walkthrough for completing the Sons of the Forest Hanged Man GPS quest. After you obtain it, save the game and make a tent. It will be really annoying to have to repeat the process. 

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Tips for Success The Hanged Man GPS Quest In Sons Of The Forest

To increase your chances of success in the Hanged Man GPS quest, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use your flashlight wisely: Your flashlight is your only source of light in the dark cave system. Use it wisely to identify the traps and navigate through the caves.
  • Bring plenty of supplies: Make sure to bring enough supplies, such as food, water, and medicine. You may encounter enemies that can cause damage, and you need to be prepared.
  • Be patient: The Hanged Man GPS quest requires patience and attention to detail. Take your time and explore the caves thoroughly to avoid missing anything important.
  • Learn from your mistakes: If you fail the mission, don’t get discouraged. Learn from your mistakes and try again. Each attempt will give you more experience and knowledge to help you succeed.
  • Upgrade your weapons: Upgrading your weapons can make the mission easier. Collect resources and upgrade your weapons before attempting the mission.


The Hanged Man GPS quest is a challenging mission that requires skill, patience, and attention to detail. With the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of success and complete the mission successfully. Good luck and happy gaming!