Location, spawn timer, and survival advice for the boss battle against Rudric in The Lost Ark

In order to locate and defeat Boss Rudric in The Lost Ark, read this guide.

One of the first field bosses in the massively multiplayer online game Lost Ark is Rudric. He was a former priest of the Holy Sacrian Empire, according to the video game. 

Rudric cast a spell on himself that went horribly wrong and resulted in his expulsion from the empire for using forbidden magic. He has evolved into a monster that consumes lost souls and feeds on decaying corpses. 

In this guide, we’ll explain where to find Boss Rudric in Lost Ark and how to defeat him.

Rudric Boss’s Position and Respawn Time in the Lost Ark

That Rudric was discovered in a desolate cemetery is not surprising. The journey there is not so simple, though. 

However, we will outline it for you in the following steps:

  • Go to the “Rethramis Border” region on the map first.
  • The “Regria Monastery” is the next location you must visit.
  • Simply begin moving westward from this point until you reach the “Graveyard.”
  • Once you arrive, try exploring the southwest corner of the graveyard until you find Rudric.
Rudric Boss's Position and Respawn Time in the Lost Ark

There’s a chance that other players killed Boss Rudric before you got there if you’re having difficulties finding him. Rudric has a spawn timer because he is a world boss. He will come back every half an hour. 

So, if you have searched the cemetery thoroughly and have not found him, give it up to 30 minutes. Rudric will then appear, and the conflict will begin. However, I must caution you not to engage him on your own. He will be impossible to take out by yourself. 

We’ll rapidly demonstrate how to defeat Boss Rudric in The Lost Ark:

How to Survive and Beat Rudric Boss

It is imperative to never approach Rudric alone. He simply has a lot of strength, and he might destroy you in a matter of minutes. He has a ridiculously high HP total. There is simply no way you can defeat him by yourself. 

Rudric can only be defeated by working as a team. By declaring Rudric’s location in the area chat, you can solicit the assistance of other players. Your group will now be able to team up against Rudric. 

As a result, the boss battle will be simpler. Rudric is incredibly slow but has access to five different attack types. If you are a ranged class member, you can quickly attack him from a distance. 

But if you’re a melee fighter, get near and try to attack Rudric from behind while he’s preoccupied. Don’t forget to collect the expensive stuff that was dropped after you and your crew brought him down.

That is all there is to know about defeating Rudric Boss in Lost Ark. 

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