Locations of Every Legendary Animal in Far Cry 6’s Mythical Animals

Seeking a noble hunt? Find out where every mythical animal is in Far Cry 6 by reading on.

For human society, mythical creatures have long been a mystery. They are valuable creatures in the realm of Yara. These legendary creatures leave behind priceless goods that will earn you some incredible equipment. 

I’ll show you every location for a mythical animal in Far Cry 6 in this guide.

Locations of every mythical animal in Far Cry 6

Locations of every mythical animal in Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, there are five mythical animals. The Black Demonaco (wolf) and White Demonaco (wolf), Mamutito (hog), Sanguinario (jaguar), and Venodiente (crocodile) are some of these fabled beasts. 

Each of them can only be located in specific areas and will only be seen there once. You can locate them by using this guide, purchasing their locations from a Level 3 Hunter’s Lodge, or stumbling upon them while free-roaming. 

The locations of the mythical animals in Far Cry 6 are listed below.

The Wolf Pair: Black Demonaco and White Demonaco

The first two imaginary creatures on our list are the Black Demonaco and the White Demonaco. They are a pair of wolves, each of a different hue. Black Demonaco is black with a white pattern on his face, while White Demonaco is white with a black pattern on his face. 

They are similar to the Yin and Yang symbols. These two can be found in Perros Demonaco Den, which is located in Aguas Lindas, Madrugada. When you defeat them, you will receive their corresponding pellets.

Legendary Animal Mamutito (The Hog)

Legendary Animal Mamutito (The Hog)

The Mamutito a vicious machine, Hog. He is not scared to charge and has the mentality of a honey badger. The tusks on Pumba’s enormous relative, which are also what he drops after defeat, will send you to the hospital or worse. 

You must visit Mamutito’s Glen in Vencejo if you want to find this fabled beast in Far Cry 6. Isla Santuario is to the north of Mamutito’s Glen, which is to the north-east of Vencejo.

Jaguar Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

Jaguar Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

Sanguinario is a magnificent jaguar that only appears at night. Be ready to eat, because this overgrown Bagheera won’t hesitate to take you out. Keep in mind that Sanguinario will only spawn at night. 

When you defeat Sanguinario, you can get his pelt. In San Pedro, El Este, one may find Sanguinario. It is situated near El Este’s most southern point.

Crocodile venodiente

Venodiente might be the most mythical-looking animal of the bunch. This Godzilla’s little cousin looks like he came out of a volcano with his red-glowing veins. This white croc is tough as a boy and packs a bite, so be prepared. 

You can find this beast in the swamps of Hazardous Waste Disposal, Zamok Archipelago. It’s just north of Libertad’s main headquarters. Defeating him will earn you Venodiente leather.

Each of these beasts is explosive, and you will need to carry some explosives to ease your job. If you succeed in defeating them, you can exchange their drop-specialized gear. 

This was all about the location of every mythical animal in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this guide helped you hunt these fauna.

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