How to Get the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Token?

Use this tutorial to learn how to obtain the token collectible for this adventure island.

Like many top-down 2.5D MMORPGs, Lost Ark is filled with side missions, puzzles, and obstacles. Players must also gather uncommon things in order to advance in the game, which is another aspect of the game. 

The Island Token is one of these uncommon collectibles. Players may level up their characters with the 95 island tokens that are available. It might be challenging to gather some of these tokens, such as the Drumbeat Island Token. 

Here is a summary of the quest that you can complete in Lost Ark in order to get the Drumbeat Island Token.

How do I get the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Token?

How do I get the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Token?

You must first travel to Drumbeat Island in order to get the relic. Remember that this island is an adventure, so access isn’t always possible. When it does appear on your map, you may locate it in the Vern East Sea, which is east of the North Vern continent and northeast of Pleccia.

As soon as you can go to the island, take the following actions to get the token:

  1. First, you must locate and speak with Scholar Obitan, an NPC. This will start a sequence of missions that might lead to you receiving the Drumbeat Island Token in the end.
  1. Now, Obitan will assign you the quest “Mysterious Object,” which essentially calls for you to peer through an island-based telescope. Utilize the telescope before heading back to Obitan.
  1. As part of the Dangerous Debris quest, Obitan will next assign you a mission that requires you to locate and gather 300 shard fragments in a set period of time. To access the main quest necessary to get the Drumbeat Soul, complete this one.
  1. After the previous one, “The Thing From The Sky!” should start as the primary mission. The big white sphere of slime that materializes in the island’s center must now be destroyed. To combat the slime, utilize the rabbit hammer that has been placed in the arena.
  1. Smaller, glowing slime monsters will spawn outside the sphere. Deal with them, then strike the white sphere enough times to destroy it. It will drop a ton of stuff once you’ve taken out the giant sphere and all the monsters.

Now, getting the Island Token in Lost Ark requires this loot RNG, but it’s the only way to do so. Therefore, it will take a few attempts before you succeed in completing this quest and receive the Drumbeat Island Token.

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