List of all Lost Ark World boss locations

Are you searching for the locations of several world bosses so you can get lots of rewards? See our list of the locations for all the world bosses in Lost Ark.

A never-ending grind is involved in the MMORPG Lost Ark. You will run into a wide variety of bosses because this is an MMO. Speaking of the enormous world bosses, doing so will get you a ton of goodies. You may use it to finish the Adventurer’s Tome. Additionally, as you defeat other players, you can invite your friends to join them. 

Here is our guide to all of the Lost Ark’s world boss locations.

All Lost Ark World Boss Locations

All Lost Ark World Boss Locations

The Lost Ark currently has 20 world bosses. You must advance to a certain level in order to confront and destroy two worlds. You also need to have a certain item level (iLvl) to defeat some world bosses.

The level and iLvl needed to beat each World Boss are shown below, along with their locations:

  • Location of Ancheladus:

In Feiton, Ancheladus may be found above the Land of Despair, to the north of Red Moonshade. This boss can be found all around Feiton’s desolate plains.

Level 50 is necessary.

The required item level is 1040 iLvl.

  • Location of the Aurion

The Aurion can be found near Wildwater Island. However, since this boss only occasionally appears, use your Procyon compass to locate it.

Level 50 is necessary.

The required item level is 1385 iLvl.

  • Location of the Brealeos: 

Visit Frostfire Island to locate the Brealeos. To the west of Shushire Island is this tiny island.

Level 50 is necessary.

The required item level is 1385 iLvl.

  • Caspiel’s Location: 

Caspiel can be found skulking over Rocky Forest Hill, not far to the east of the Triport.

Level 38 is necessary.

  • Location of the Chaotic Chuo: 

The Melody Forest is where you can find the Chaotic Chuo. Northeast of the Spring of the Echoes is where you’ll find this boss.

Level 50 is necessary.

Required Item Level: 380 iLvl

  • Chuo Location: 

Compared to the Chaotic Chuo, this boss is much simpler to take down. Chuo can be found in the Annika region’s Twilight Mists. Discover and use the jumping place that leads right to the boss as soon as you enter the east cloud valley.

Level 44 is necessary.

  • Harvest, Lord Incarnate:

The Harvest Lord Incarnate is an island boss that spawns on Orvis Island. It is a world boss. To locate this boss, move over to the Archeon Sea’s northern region.

Required Level: Level 50 

Required Item Level: 880 iLvl

  • Location of Kohinorr: 

In the Yorn region, Kohinorr may be found northeast of the Iron Hammer Mines.

Level 50 is necessary.

Required Item Level: 880 iLvl

  • Magmadon

Magmadon only spawns southwest of the Celestial Plaza, according to its location. We advise using the Moonkeep Triport to get right to the boss’ location if you want to get there faster.

Level necessary: 50 Level

  • Location of the Maneth:

To the northeast of the Shushire, in the Icewing Heights, is where you may locate the Maneth.

Level 50 is necessary.

  • Make: 

South of Promise Hill in the TikaTika Colony is where you may discover the Moake.

Level 50 is necessary.

Level of Item: 1415 iLvl

  • Proxima’s location

Proxima’s location is in the Vernese Forests, in the vacant space to the north of Vern. This boss can be found to the west of Vernese Road.

Required Level: Level 50 

Required Item Level: 540 iLvl

  • Rovlen Spawning Location:

 In West Luttera, Rovlen spawns to the east of the Grayhammer Mine Triport.

Level 25.

  • Rudric Location: 

In the Rethramis region, to the southwest of the Regria Monastery Triport, you can find the Rudric roaming. 

Level requirement: Level 17 

  • Salt Monster Location: 

You can discover this massive monster on Saland Hill at Yudia in the Aregal Salt Plains.

level requirement of 19

  • Signatus 

Signatus spawns in the Scraplands region of the Arthetine continent. The Signatus can be located by moving southwest from the Soldier Ant Nest.

Level 50 is necessary.

Item Level Needed: iLvl 380

  • Location of Sol Grande

You can locate the Sol Grande walking around Alteisen Island.

Level 50 is necessary.

Required item level: iLvl 1040 

  • Tarsila, the world boss in The Lost Ark:

The Shushire area of Lake Eternity is where you can find the Spider Queen.

Level 50 is necessary.

Required Item Level: iLvl 380 

  • Velkan Location: 

in the Totrich, south of the Temple of Sceptrum, in the Crowbelly Gulch region.

Level 48 is necessary.

  • Location of the Wili Wili: 

The sunbright hill in East Luttera is where the Wili Wili spawns.

Level 29 is necessary.

You can read our article on World Boss timings in Lost Ark if you’re curious about when they will respawn.

Everything concerning the locations of the world bosses in The Lost Ark has been covered. 

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