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Missing Side Quests 31–32 in Hogwarts Legacy: How to Finish Them

Throughout its lengthy and magical playthrough, Hogwarts Legacy offers a number of different kinds of side quests that you can complete.
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However, as they move forward, players are stuck at side quests 31 of 32. According to reports, none of the side missions are appearing, making it impossible for players to begin the final quest from Hogsmeade. You must finish the unfinished side missions if you want the Completionist trophy and quest rewards. But does this problem have a fix or a solution? See our guide for instructions on completing side missions 31–32 of the Hogwarts Legacy Missing.

How to Finish Side Quests 31 and 32 in Hogwarts Legacy?

The primary cause of the side quests’ absence is that players haven’t activated or finished the conditions necessary to access them. You can complete up to 57 side quests in total to obtain the Good Samaritan trophy.
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The following are the three side tasks that players are unable to begin and complete: Eliminating Selwyn Tangled Web So let’s get into how to finish and unlock the missing side quests in Hogwarts Legacy after 31–32 side quests:

Neglecting Selwyn

By speaking with Hyacinth Oliver after completing the first side mission, you can start this one. She is in the Cragcroft area, perched on a hill overlooking Hamlet. But you have to be at least level 35 to unlock and begin this side mission. You must also finish the main quest for Helm of Urtkot in addition to that. If you don’t fit any of the aforementioned criteria, you can skip the side mission Sacking Selywn. When you have completed those requirements, fast-travel to the Floo Flame point in Cragcroft to speak with Hyacinth.

Untidy Web

You must finish the tasks Charles Rookwood’s Trial and Absconder Encounter in order to access this side mission. Additionally, you must defeat the Acromantula spider boss two times. Go to the Three Broomsticks in the Hogsmeade neighborhood after defeating the Spider a second time. To begin the Tangled Web side quest, locate Crispin Dunne there and speak with him.
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Keep in mind that in order to finish this side quest, you must also learn the Alohomora spell.

Yes, Yes, Yes

For this side mission to be unlocked and begin, you must locate the Magic well in Feldcroft, southeast of Aranshire. This magical well is found southeast of the Aranshire Hamlet, next to a bandit camp and a Merlin Trial.
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You must locate the Treasure box in order to finish the side quest after you have prevented the Magical well from choking on parchment. If you’re having trouble finding the Treasure chest in the Well, Well, Well side quest, see our locating guide. To find all side or major quests and get completionism awards, check out our list of all quests.
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Check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page for all the game’s information while you’re here.