How to Obtain Lost Ark Oil from Humpback Whales?

Here is a guide on how to obtain the Lost Ark’s humpback whale oil.

One of the best top-down fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing games recently released on Steam is Lost Ark, which has become extremely popular with players. Within 24 hours after its release, it was the second-most-played game. 

While the game mechanics are comparable to those of many MMORPGs, it also has a compelling story and challenging missions that will keep players interested and entertained. You will need to gather a variety of materials and equipment in order to complete quests and tasks. You’ll need to look for things like humpback whale oil, for example. 

We’ll explain how to get it in this guide. Let’s look at this guide to learn how to obtain humpback whale oil in The Lost Ark.

How Can I Get Oil from Humpback Whales in the Lost Ark?

How Can I Get Oil from Humpback Whales in the Lost Ark?

You will need to visit a lot of sites in Lost Ark. Some may also involve traveling by sea, which is precisely what you must do for this resource. Set sail for the Frozen Sea in Sushire to obtain humpback whale oil in Lost Ark. 

You must find the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel, a merchant ship, while you are in this area. The humpback whale oil is available here for 6,000 pirate coins.

While we’re at it, fulfilling Una’s chores for the Weeping Sea Reputation might also net you some Humpback Whale Oil. It is accessible as a Level 2 reputation award. You must therefore complete Una’s chores every day while on Notos Island until you are able to obtain them.

See how you can use humpback whale oil now that you know where to get it. Making torches to light the way will be helpful in the ice maze. Therefore, obtaining the oil will be your responsibility as you complete the Torches of Kindness roster quest.

How to obtain humpback whale oil in Lost Ark is limited to this. 

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