The best Reinhardt counters in Overwatch 2

Here are the top OW2 heroes to take on Reinhardt.

Any Overwatch 2 player aiming to dominate should go for Reinhardt. He is the most popular choice for a tank because of his ability to quickly burst out with melee damage and create a powerful frontline with his barrier field. 

But with the correct equipment, even barriers can be knocked down; thus, here is a ranking of the top heroes in Overwatch 2 who can defeat Reinhardt.

Most effective Reinhardt retorts in Overwatch 2

Best Counters picks For Reinhardt in overwatch 2

These heroes make excellent Reinhardt counterpicks.

  • Tracer 
  • Pharah 
  • Reaper


Reinhardt’s methodical and slow play style is perfectly countered by Tracer’s quickness and agility. She needs to move quickly in order to get through Reinhardt’s barrier field and deal some useful chip damage. 

The optimal tactic when playing Tracer is to maintain pressure while keeping Reinhardt out of melee range and occasionally fleeing with Recall. The key to defeating Reinhardt with this tactic is to apply pressure continuously.


Pharah’s flight skills could make her an obvious target for enemies, but they also make it simple for her to defeat slower heroes like Reinhardt. 

His barrier might be useless against Pharah’s airborne strikes, and her ultimate might instantly kill any Reinhardt in her path. It is best to just briefly get airborne when navigating Reinhardt’s defenses when playing Pharah.


Reaper was created specifically for dismantling tanks. Reinhart’s field can be destroyed by his high-damage Hellfire shotguns, leaving him vulnerable. Reinhart’s melee strikes can be deflected by using Reaper’s Wraith Form, as he becomes invulnerable in that form. 

Players should keep in mind that Reaper’s shotguns can only be used up close, necessitating an aggressive playstyle to use them effectively.

These are our selections for Overwatch 2’s top counters to Reinhardt.