How To Get Slimeballs In Minecraft Without Slimes?

Here’s how to obtain a slimeball in Minecraft without killing a slime.

Crafting is what keeps you going in Minecraft, out of all the other activities. There is no specific place for any one resource because there are so many resources dispersed throughout the area. One such thing you’ll require for creating is a slimeball. 

However, getting a slimeball straight from a slime can be dangerous. Therefore, a method other than killing slime must be found. Concerned about the other approaches? 

Check out this article for ways to get a slimeball in Minecraft without running into any slimes.

How to Get Minecraft Slime Balls Without Slimes?

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Here are all the ways you can obtain slimeballs without encountering slime.

1. Wandering Merchants

Watch out for Wandering Traders, as they may be traversing the map and you might be able to buy a slimeball from them. The trader does, however, sell various products on various days. So, to obtain a slimeball from a wandering trader in Minecraft, you must be extremely lucky. 

The trader will not give it to you for free, I assure you. To receive a slimeball in return, you must spend 4 emeralds.

2. Little Panda

A panda is a rare monster in Minecraft that can be discovered anywhere close to a bamboo jungle. Anyhow, breeding two pandas will result in a baby panda who can sneeze a slimeball. Prior to a panda beginning to reproduce, however, certain requirements must be met.

 Make sure there are at least 8 blocks of bamboo within 5 blocks of the pandas so they can reproduce. Additionally, give them bamboo to eat so they can begin reproducing. In Minecraft, there is a 1/700 chance that a baby panda may sneeze and drop a slimeball.

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