How to Get & Use Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark?

Visit our guide to learn where to find and how to use Gienah’s coins in Lost Ark.

You may collect a wide variety of materials and goods in Lost Ark as you advance. You may also accumulate a variety of currencies to buy various resources and collectibles. Gienah’s coins, which might be challenging to locate or gather, are one of these currencies. 

This epic kind of money may be used to purchase a variety of resources. But where can I find them and employ them? For more on obtaining and using Gienah’s coins in Lost Ark, see our guide.

Gienah’s Coins in Lost Ark: How to Get Them?

Gienah's Coins in Lost Ark: How to Get Them?

These coins may be acquired in Lost Ark in a number of different ways. The following are all the ways to obtain Gienah’s coins:

  • Island Quests
  • High Seas Coin Chests
  • Completing Co-Op Quests
  • Purchasing Gieneah’s Coin Stronghold

Let’s take a closer look at each of these techniques.

1. Island Adventures

You may perform side missions of this nature on the majority of the minor islands. For completing these quests, various NPCs will reward you with High Seas Coin chests. Once you have this chest, use it to choose the coin you want to get 100 of. 

To get this legendary cash, you must choose Gieneah’s coins. These crates are available after completing a number of different island quests.

2. Maritime Coin Chests High

High Seas Coin Boxes, as was already said, provide 100 coins of your choosing. You may get these chests by completing a variety of Adventure Island missions in addition to the island tasks that reward them. 

Which Adventure Island quests give you High Seas Coin chest rewards can be determined using Procyon’s Compass. To access Procyon’s compass, click the compass symbol at the upper right of your screen, just below your mini-map.

3. Finishing cooperative quests

You may perform a variety of co-op tasks with your friends and other gamers. You must go to the starting point of each cooperative quest before you can begin. 

You can locate the co-op quests through the Procyon’s compass, just like the adventure island quests. You can go to the sites where Gienah’s coins are given out or to the High Seas coin vaults.

4. Gieneah’s Coins from the Stronghold

All around Arkesia, there are many traders. However, not all of them actually sell it. It is uncommon to find Gienah’s coins from all of the merchants because the resources and commodities might differ. 

However, there is a good chance that Illyane and Tago will have them. You may find these trade merchants in your stronghold, which is to the left of your island.

Using Gieneah’s Coins

Using Gieneah's Coins

As previously established, you may purchase a variety of collectibles, stronghold staff, ship crew, and ship blueprints with Gieneah’s Coins. 

So, here is a list of everything you can buy in Lost Ark with Gienah’s coins, broken down by category.

1. Collectibles

The following collectibles are available for purchase with the coins:

  • 5th Giant’s Heart: x3,300 Gienah’s Coins
  • 8th Giant’s Heart: x4,000 Gienah’s Coins
  • Masterpiece # 12: x3,600 Gienah’s Coins
  • Masterpiece # 20: x3,600 Gienah’s Coins
  • Taunt Emote: x3,360 Gienah’s Coins
  • Roar Emote: x3,360 Gienah’s Coins
  • Song of Starlight: x3,300 Gienah’s Coins
  • Sail Glyph: Honor: x500 Gienah’s Coins 
  • Sail Glyph: Hypocrisy—x500 Gienah’s Coins
  • Adventure #20: Shipwreck (Secret Map): x3,340 Gienah’s Coins
  • Adventure #21: Common Dolphin (Secret Map) x 6,680 Gienah’s Coins
  • Adventure #28: Godsent Spear (SecMap): Gienah’s Coins
  • Adventure #31: Whirlpool (Secret Map) – x3,340 G—.
  • Adventure #34: Eye of the North Sea (Secret Map) – x6,680 Gienah’s Coins.

2. Team Stronghold

You may acquire the SForm:application fms for Gienah’s money by clicking here:

  • Daniel’s Application Form– x167 Gienah’ Coins.
  • Gaon’s Application Form – ienah’s Coins.
  • Derick’s Application Form – x668 Gs Coins.
  • Peddler Daniel’s Application Form – x668 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Mercenary Captain Ronimus Application Form – x1,002 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Silver Chain Alice’s Application Form – x1,336 Gienah’s Coins.

3. Ship’s crew

The crew application forms for the various categories of sailors that you may purchase in Lost Ark in return for Gienah’s currency are listed below:

4. Estoque Sailors

  • Ethan’s Application Form – x334 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Ahu’s Application Form – x1,002 Gienah’s Coins
  • Tasha’s Application Form – x1,002 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Pupuring’s Application Form – x2,004 Gienah’s Coins.

5. White Wind Sailors

  • Yongjin’s Application Form – x334 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Hyungung’s Application Form – x1,503 Gienah’s Coins.
  • Entz’s Application Form – x2,004 Gienah’s Coins.

6. Sturmbreacher Sailors

  • Poppy’s Crew Application Form, x334 Gienah’s Coins
  • Poppy’s Application: x102 Gienah’s Coins
  • Vandolph’s Application Form: x1,503 Gienah’s Coins

7. Eurus Sailors

  • Coniconi’s Application Form: x334 Gienah’s Coins
  • Coniconi’s Application Form: x1,002 Gienah’s Coins
  • Coniconi’s Application Form: x1,503 Gienah’s Coins

8. Brahms Sailors

  • Julien’s Application Form: x334 Gienah’s Coins
  • Tarmilla’s Application Form: x1,503 Gienah’s Coins

9. Astray Sailors

  • Sophia’s Application Form: x1,503 Gienah’s Coins

Ship Blueprints

All the blueprints available for purchase using Gienah’s money are listed below:

  • Estoque Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coin
  • White Wind Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Sturmbrecher Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Eurus Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Brahms Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Tragon Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Astray Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins
  • Eibern’s Wound Blueprint: x25 Gienah’s Coins

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