How to Complete the Hogwarts Legacy Spot Removal Quest and Earn Bubotubers

Are you trying to figure out where to find Bubotubers so you can finish the Hogwarts Legacy Spot Removal Quest? Then you only need this guide because we’ll give you a walkthrough so you can navigate it without difficulty.

While the quest itself is not particularly challenging and will require some exploration, it is better to have assistance because you run the risk of getting lost. Even though this is a side quest, completing it could be very beneficial.

So we advise you to look below if you want to finish this side quest and get the rewards right away.

Guide for the Hogwarts Legacy Spot Removal Quest

Guide for the Hogwarts Legacy Spot Removal Quest

After speaking with Sacharissa Tugwood in Hogsmeade’s northern section, close to the Dogweed & Deathcap store, the quest will begin. She will request that you collect 5 Bubotubers from the Forbidden Forest after you have spoken with her.

Her main component is a Bubotuber because she is trying to make a beauty cream that will treat pimples. Therefore, once you succeed in retrieving the Bubotubers from the forest and delivering them to Sacharissa, the Spot Removal side mission in Hogwarts Legacy will be finished.

The quest is not challenging, but it is not as simple as it seems. You will encounter a Troll as you search for the Bubotubers since you must enter the Forbidden Forest. Make sure to spam Revelio while in the forest so you can find them easily. Once you’ve obtained them, you can simply return to Hogsmeade via fast travel and visit the northern side.

Now that you have the opportunity to request a bigger payment after interacting with Sacharissa, you might be wondering whether you should do so. The adventure will be over once you’ve made your decision.