Locations of Lost Ark Maneth: Where Can You Find This Boss?

This guide will tell you where to look for the Maneth Boss in Lost Ark.

An incredible MMORPG that one can play is called Lost Ark. The players will be completing numerous tasks, quests, dungeon raids, etc. because it is an MMORPG. 

Players will also face off against bosses in addition to these quests and raids. Bosses known as “Field Bosses” in the video game Lost Ark are ones that periodically spawn in their specific locales. Maneth is one such boss that will be covered in this post. 

In this guide, I’ll explain how to find Boss Maneth in Lost Ark and show you his spawn timer.

Where in the Lost Ark Can You Find Boss Maneth?

Where in the Lost Ark Can You Find Boss Maneth?

Maneth is a field boss in Lost Ark. Maneth is in Shushire’s Icewing Heights. Shushire’s north-eastern region is home to Icewing Heights, where you can also find the Field Boss. He is right next to the Eastern Triport. 

Maneth is level 50 and possesses 14,337,834 + 23 Health Points. To kill him, you’ll need an entire squad. It’s not as difficult as it seems to fight him. 

Every two hours, Maneth is available for battle in the same place. Yes, his spawn timer in Icewing Heights is 2 hours, so if you wish, you can stay there and fight him again.

A handful of Maneth’s AOE attacks are very predictable. Each of his assaults has a clue. You will be alright as long as you can avoid his assaults. You can finish the Shushire page of your adventurer’s tome by defeating Maneth. 

You will get the following stuff after fighting Maneth:

              Where to Find Maneth Boss in the Lost Ark was the main focus of this. This advice has hopefully been useful to you.

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