Does Cryptocurrency Mining Void GPUs Warranty? Graphic Card for Crypto Mining

Cryptocurrency mining can void a graphics card’s warranty. The graphics card is still the most important component of the mining rig. The power of graphics cards is directly proportional to mining profitability.

There are a few different rankings of the best graphics cards that can discover on the internet.

You must first check your demands to select which graphics card is ideal. Some graphics cards are costly, making them out of reach for some miners.

When selecting a graphics card, you should consider the following components:

  1. Price Of The Graphics Card
  2. Power Of Card (In Hash Rate)
  3. Electricity Usage
  4. Primary Cost Of Producing Cryptocurrency

Can cryptocurrency mining void graphics cards’ warranty?

The use of graphics cards for cryptomining can permanently void the warranty. The demand for graphics cards has skyrocketed. Cryptocurrency mining industry (hardware) in the second quarter of this year.

Manufacturers like Inno3D have started to include prominent warnings on the boxes. The packaging of their graphics solutions alerts customers about this issue.

inno 3d

Inno3D took a different track than its competitors by terminating the warranty. Inno3D may refuse to honour the warranty. Even if the graphics card is less than a month old and affects cryptocurrency mining.

Overclocking is the finest illustration of a situation where inappropriate use is utilized. You might think Inno3D is being too extreme. Graphics cards used to mine cryptocurrency often lead to rapid wear and tear.

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Best Graphic Cards According to Price & Power

These are the best graphic cards used for mining & PC gaming. Before buying, you can check the GPU provider’s terms and conditions (Guarantee, Power e.g).

Radeon RX Vega

It provides an outstanding balance of power and cost, much like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660. It has a hash rate of 50mh/s.  Video games player who wishes to mine sometimes will find it an excellent choice.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

The renowned RTX 3080 now holds the top spot in our rankings. This graphics card has the highest market price/power percentage, with a hash rate of 80 mh/s for power usage of 150W.

This is true regardless of the cost of the graphics card, which may be more or less costly. It is more expensive than the others. But it is more reliable for miners thinking about this pastime in the long run.

It has a lifespan that is longer than the others. As a second benefit, it is the graphics card that miners choose to use in their mining setups.

AMD Radeon RX 580

Even though it’s outdated compared to the other options. This graphics card continues to rule the market. With a hash rate of 32mh/s, this crypto offers an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

The fact that it is available at a reasonable cost makes it the product of choice for novice miners. It is becoming scarce on generalist networks.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660

Because it is so powerful, this graphics card has become the object of desire for gamers. With a hash rate of 20mh/s and a price, this product offers a price-to-performance ratio that’s more than fair. 

Although it suits for mining, it still needs a great deal of energy.

Radeon RX 470

This is an older card, but it is still quite useful for mining. Its low cost and high power make it a very profitable card for mining, and it has a hash rate of 30 mh/s. It has become difficult to track down progressed time.


Miners now have some points of comparison. The decision is based on the planned application. 

A miner who does it occasionally will not need the most costly cards. But someone who intends to do this activity full-time. That person will be interested in investing in a unique graphics card.

There are several different models. The price difference depends on whether they purchased a new or used graphic Card. Before deciding, it is in the best interest to gather as much information as possible. 

This will allow you to zero in on the most excellent opportunity. That will result in a mining rig that is more lucrative.


Does crypto mining void the warranty??

Mining for cryptocurrency can result in the invalidation of a graphics card’s warranty. The mining of cryptocurrencies is experiencing a boom. However, using these cards for cryptocurrency mining can be irrevocably void.

What will void your warranty?

The time (thread) limit for the warranty has now passed. The coverage does not extend to the malfunction or component. The product’s failure can be traced to improper usage or a lack of regular maintenance.

Can mining void the warranty of GPU’s?

Mining can void warranties for gamers who are putting their graphics cards. You can check the answer from various forums.

Can I buy a used Graphic Card if they offer a warranty?

Yes, you can buy it. But the state of the GPU tells you about your decision.