The Best Level In Minecraft To Find Ancient Debris [2023]

For information about the top level for Ancient Debris in Minecraft in 2023, read this guide.

One of the most scarce and expensive resources in Minecraft is ancient debris. It is about 12 times as rare as a diamond and is unaffected by fire, lava, or explosions. To create Netherite scraps, which are then utilized to create Netherite ingots, these blocks must first be created. 

We can direct you to it if you don’t know where to look. This is how to find the ideal level in Minecraft 2023 for Ancient Debris.

Best Minecraft Spawn Level for Ancient Debris [2023]

Best Minecraft Spawn Level for Ancient Debris

Debris frequently appears on Y-Level 15 in the Nether. The precious and uncommon ore may generally be discovered at level 22. However, level 15 tends to have the highest spawn rates. 

But to find the level for Ancient Debris, you must first enable coordinates in the game. Make sure you have the best gear and tools for obtaining ancient debris before you venture into the nether

You’ll need to exercise a little patience because mining for this ore is renowned as being among the game’s toughest grinds. To obtain this resource, you have the option of using TNT mining or strip mining. But we’ll demonstrate the best and most effective method for obtaining ancient debris.

The Best Method for Locating Ancient Ruins

In the Nether and End of Minecraft, beds can explode. In addition, they are simpler to make than TNTs. How to use them to locate ancient debris is as follows:

        The blast will destroy a chunk of weak blocks surrounding you. Ancient debris is resistant to fire and other types of explosions. Keep looking forward to this. 

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