How To Download And Install Msi Afterburner?

Open the MSI Afterburner official website. To download the MSI Afterburner software and Riva Tuner statistics server, locate the Download Afterburner icon and hit the button. Select the Path where you wish to save the file and hit the Save button.

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After downloading, Extract the MSI Afterburner downloaded document and begin to download MSI Afterburner software along with RivaTuner Stati tics Server.

MSI Afterburner is the most popular Graphic Card software to enhance the gaming experience. One of its Key Features is that it is compatible with all graphic cards, including AMD.

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MSI Afterburner is the most sought-after software due to its ability to act as an overclocking tool.

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The OC Scanner feature in the MSI Af burner helps to gauge the optimal values for overclocking the GPU.

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The MSI Afterburner On-Screen Play facet is tremendous. It allows you to keep track of your graphic card performance and help you to optimize card settings for the best results.

Tools You Will Need To Have To Follow This Tutorial

  • A workable laptop
  • A stable internet connection to download and use MSI Afterburner

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Step-by-step instructions on How To Download And Install MSI Afterburner

  1. Open your MSI laptop.
  2. Launch a search engine.
MSI Afterburner official site
  1. Go to the official website of MSI Afterburner.
  2. Locate the Download MSI Afterburner icon and hit the Download button.
download MSI Afterburner
  1. Keep your MSI laptop ON and connected to the internet while the MSI Afterburner downloads.
  2. Select the location where you want to save the MSI Afterburner downloaded file as the download completes. Then hit the Save button.
Save the download MSI Afterburner file in specific folder
  1. To install the MSI Afterburner software on your MSI laptop, extract the file you downloaded and continue Installing it.
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    Make sure to select the Rivatuner Statistics Server option when you are given options you wish to install while installing the MSI Afterburner software.
setup of MSI Afterburner
  1. Then click the Next icon and hit Agree to the License Agreement.
  2. Again, hit the Next button.
  3. Click on the MSI features you need to be installed, leaving the ones you don’t want to install. Select the Riva Tuner Statistics Server option.
  4. Move forward by hitting the Install icon.
  5. Once installed, run MSI Afterburner software.
MSI Afterburner setup

This way, you can download the hot seller MSI Afterburner Software along with Riva Tuner Statistics Server in just a few simple steps.

How To Use MSI Afterburner

As you install MSI Afterburner on your laptop, multiple steps must be followed to use it. We have made those steps more accessible for you to follow.

The On-Screen Display Feature

MSI Afterburner benchmark tool has the On-Screen Display feature to keep track of your Graphic Card Performance. Under settings, find the monitoring tab. Within the monitoring tab, locate the Active hardware monitoring graphs bar, and choose and check all the hardware feature icons you wi h to display on the screen.

The Fan Setting

Open the MSI Afterburner settings to find the Fan icon at the top right. Hit the Enable user-defined software automatic fan control icon. This will let you adjust the fan profile according to your demands and performance boost.

The fan Curve consists of Fan Speed and Temperature values. Modify the curve and the values as per your specifications.

Hit the Apply icon after you adjust the curve to save the settings.

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Overclocking the Graphic Card

This is one of the essential features of the MSI Afterburner. Overclocking is a phenomenon that lets the MSI afterburner laptop us r run the GPU faster than the default speed.

To overclock the GPU, open the MSI Afterburner settings. Increase the temperature, fan, and voltage values in the middle bar.

Overclocking the graphic card with MSI Afterburner

Once done, hit the K button on the top of the settings to launch the MSI Kombuster. The MSI Kombuster will conduct the stress test.

Start increasing the value of the Memory Clock till you find the optimal value for your graphic card.

Then, in the same way, increase the Core Clock to attain the optimal value to overclock the GPU.

What Does Rivatuner Statistics Server Do?

Rivatuner Statistics Se ver evaluates Frame Rates and Hardware performance, which assist in Video Capture and Frame limiting. Rivatuner Statistics Server comes along with the MSI Afterburner. The Statistics Server aids the MSI Afterburner in the On-Screen Display of statistics used in a specific game.

RivaTuner Statistics Server

All the statistics of the hardware tools used in a specific time frame appear on the MSI laptop screen. If the Rivatuner Statistics Server is downloaded along with the MS Afterburner, the MSI Afterburner will be able to show the statistics.

Not only this, but you can also customize the Riva Tuner Statistics Server.

Here we will g ide you on how to customize the Riva Tuner Statistics Server.

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How to Customize the Riva Tuner Statistics Server?

Whether your Riva Tuner Statistics Server comes bundled with MSI Afterburner or alone, you can customize your Riva Tuner Statistics Server in multiple ways.

  1. Launch RTSS either by clicking the System Tray or locating the Executable on your MSI laptop to open it.
  2. The window will open up. Various options could be seen on your screen, for example, the option to start RTSS with the windows, the dimension of the On-Screen Display, etc.

By hitting the Add icon at the bottom left side of the screen, you can add the Riva Tuner Statistics Server profile for different applications.

Customizing Riva Tuner Statistics Server is this simple.

MSI Afterburner is a complete package of software. It covers all the required features for efficient gaming and a better experience. Above all, its user-friendly operating system makes it all the more desirable.

The Rivatuner Statistics Server further assists the MSI Afterburner in frame limiting and video capturing.

It was initially designed for Nvidia GPUs for overclocking purposes. However, with time, it emerged as a unique tool for monitoring Hardware and Frame Rate.


I hope it was a fun learning experience for you. Downloading the MSI Afterburner procedure couldn’t be that easier.

MSI Afterburner is one of the most sought-after overclocking software for graphic cards. Its unique and user-friendly features make it all more exciting to use.

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Moreover, the MSI Afterburner software is an easy-to-download and is used by gaming enthusiasts.
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If you enjoyed reading this article and want more such knowledge-packed pieces, let us know by commenting in the comment box. Stay connected!